The compensation you will receive as a study participant will depend
on the requirements of the study.

How do I get paid?

Upon completion of the study, your stipend will be sent to you electronically via our pay portal. You will be able to choose from a variety of payment options, including direct deposit. A valid email address and phone number are required. Payments are processed through Hyperwallet. All personal financial information is kept secure, and we will not have access to it.  For answers to questions regarding your Hyperwallet account, please reach out to them directly at 1-877-546-8220. You can update your contact information with us at any time by contacting our Call Center at 1-800-926-7262 or by clicking here.

Refer a friend
get a $75 Referral Bonus!
Create your account.
Refer a friend to the COC.
Make sure they mention your name when they create their account.
Earn $75 once your referral completes their first study

All registered COC participants are eligible for participation in the COC Participant Referral Program (the “Referral Program”).

The referring party much have a valid email address and phone number on file with the COC, and must have been age verified online or in person to receive the referral bonus.

Referred participants must provide the COC with the name of the person that referred them no later than during the study confirmation communication in order for the referring party to receive credit for the referral.

The referred participant cannot have been registered for a COC study within the past 180 days. The person that makes the referral will receive a $75 referral bonus payment when someone they refer 1) participates in a study, 2) is an alternate on a study or 3) completes the pre-screening process for a panel study.

The referred participant cannot be employed by Altria Group, Inc. or one of its family of companies, be a named party or class representative in litigation with Altria Group, Inc. or one of its family of companies or have immediate family members who are currently employed by Altria Group, Inc.

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